Regenerative Soil - The Online Course with Matt Powers

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Regenerative Soil - The Online Course with Matt Powers

Matt Powers
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Join Matt Powers for an In-Depth 20-Week Experience Digging Deep into the Science & Solutions of Regenerative Soil from Micro to Macro down to the Individual Microbe, Enzyme, and Ion!

Starting September 5th 2022!! Join Us!!


  • Lifetime Access to the Course Materials
  • Regenerative Soil, the Ebook and the Audiobook
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A + REPLAYS
  • 40% OFF All LW Scientific Microscopes & Supplies!!
  • The SOIL SECRETS Webinar Series
  • Online Community Access
  • The Opportunity to Earn Your Certification
  • The 2nd Edition Physical Book ($75 Value) (US Shipping Included)
  • An Introduction to Regenerative Soil
    the Online Course ($250 Value)
  • An Introduction to Regenerative Soil Microscopy 
    the Online Course ($100 Value)*
  • Regenerative Soil Microscopy Ebook ($50 Value) **

*  Nov 2022 Release ** February 2023 Release

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I want this!

The 20-Week Course + 4 Weeks of Pre-Launch Webinars w/LIVE Q&A + Exclusive Bonus Course + Ebook

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