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Matt Powers
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Learn to Garden the Permaculture way!!

"This class is amazing. I love the combo of discussion and videos and 1:1 help from someone who knows by study and experience (not just has an opinion.)" -Leah, current student

Join inspirational educator and author, Matt Powers, for an in-depth, easy-to-understand permaculture gardening learning adventure in an 8-week video-based course. Extend your learning each week in the online group through discussion, sharing, asking questions, and getting answers from experts and alumni. This course is self-paced and includes lifetime access to the course videos, ebooks, community, and audio files.

Matt has been gardening for over a decade and has represented Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company, answering LIVE Q&A to tens of thousands daily over social media. Matt is a seed saver of hundreds of plant types and varieties as well as a plant breeder focused on corn, kale, and amaranth. Matt has shared seed with thousands of families all across America. There's no telling how far his breeding experiments have traveled now.

Plan Your Most Abundant Garden Ever Using Permaculture

What's Inside?

Week 1: Climate & Earthworks

Week 2: The Cycles of the Soil

Week 3: What to Plant

Week 4: How to Plant

Week 5: How to Save Seed & Preserve the Harvest

Week 6: Managing Gardens & Food Forests

Week 7: Design Your Garden & Get Feedback

Week 8: Highlights & Reflection 


  • Introduction to the Soil from The Advanced Permaculture Student Online
  • In-Depth Composting with Dr. Elaine Ingham
  • 4 AMAZING EBOOKS: The Permaculture Student 1 & 2 Textbooks & Workbooks

Earn Your Permaculture Gardening Certification

"We are loving the teachings and course so far. They are a constant talking piece throughout our week - with family and friends. We are telling a lot of people about you Matt!! You truly are an inspiration." - Tanner, current student

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Permaculture Gardening with Matt Powers - 50% OFF

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