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Permaculture Gardening with Matt Powers - 50% OFF

Matt Powers
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Learn to Garden the Permaculture way!!

"This class is amazing. I love the combo of discussion and videos and 1:1 help from someone who knows by study and experience (not just has an opinion.)" -Leah, current student

Join inspirational educator and author, Matt Powers, for an in-depth, easy-to-understand permaculture gardening learning adventure in an 8-week video-based course. Extend your learning each week in the online group through discussion, sharing, asking questions, and getting answers from experts and alumni. This course is self-paced and includes lifetime access to the course videos, ebooks, community, and audio files.

Plan Your Most Abundant Garden Ever Using Permaculture

Week 1: Climate & Earthworks

Week 2: The Cycles of the Soil

Week 3: What to Plant

Week 4: How to Plant

Week 5: How to Save Seed & Preserve the Harvest

Week 6: Managing Gardens & Food Forests

Week 7: Design Your Garden & Get Feedback

Week 8: Highlights & Reflection 


  • Introduction to the Soil from The Advanced Permaculture Student Online
  • In-Depth Composting with Dr. Elaine Ingham
  • 4 AMAZING EBOOKS: The Permaculture Student 1 & 2 Textbooks & Workbooks

Earn Your Permaculture Gardening Certification

"We are loving the teachings and course so far. They are a constant talking piece throughout our week - with family and friends. We are telling a lot of people about you Matt!! You truly are an inspiration." - Tanner, current student

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Permaculture Gardening with Matt Powers - 50% OFF

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