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"Matt's course prompted me to look at my business with fresh eyes and design its future intentionally. Too often, I'm immersed in the details of day-to-day business. Taking this course gave me the space and encouragement to do much-needed bigger picture thinking."

-Amy Landers,


  • Are you starting to teach regenerative practices like Permaculture or organic gardening?
  • Are you just starting a regenerative business?
  • Do you want to run a successful Crowdfunding Campaign?
  • Do you already have a business but are having trouble reaching people? Having consistent sales? Being Understood?
  • Are you a teacher looking to refine your practice and business online? Reach more students? Activate & Engage more?
  • Are you an entrepreneur seeking to be more regenerative? Reach more people? Expand your business?

Learn best practices in marketing, teaching, presenting, writing, curriculum design, class management, and more from a professional educator, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and permaculturist, Matt Powers - for entrepreneurs and educators that want to help more people with their message in a 9 week transformative online course.

"Matt is the epitome of motivation, kindness and guidance. This course has given me the strength and structure needed to continue to pursue my business (and life) goals. Thank you for your incredible disposition and approachable attitude." -Orquidea Susana, recent student

INCLUDES Videos, Worksheets, and Checklists!!!

Get Your Message Heard! Grow your Business & your Skills!

"This course has opened-up a whole new world of opportunities, as well, has given me many invaluable tools to make an impact in this permaculture revolution!! Thank you!!!" -Kristy Dooley, recent student

Learn How To:

  • Design Online Courses & Classes
  • Classroom Management for Highest Level Student Outcomes
  • Write Books, Memes, & Manuals Faster & More Thoroughly
  • Speak, Teach, and Perform at your Best
  • Plan Online Marketing Campaigns: Newsletters, Product or Event Launches, Audience Building, & Social Media
  • Design & Manage Webinars, Blogs, Websites, & Vlogs
  • Design & Run a Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Automate Income Streams, Marketing, Newsletters, & More

We, permaculture entrepreneurs and educators, have the information to save humankind from disaster, to regenerate our world - let's apply best practices in education and business to reach more people, so we can make large-scale change happen in time to guarantee that brighter future that we know we can help bring forth. -Matt Powers

About Matt Powers

Matt Powers is an experienced educator with a Masters degree in Education focused on Best Practices with dual credentials in History and English. Matt taught music and wrote educational materials for guitarists and bassists in a private school setting before he taught English, Digital Music Production, and Permaculture as a tenured head of the English department at a celebrated Apple-certified, laptop-immersion charter school in California ( - between the two time periods he substitute taught K-12 for several years in Madera and Fresno County. Matt has spoken at educational conferences, universities, and colleges on permaculture and education to students, teachers, administrators, and fellow entrepreneurs. Matt is also a former professional studio and touring musician though new music by Matt can be heard on his podcast A Regenerative Future with Matt Powers on iTunes or Soundcloud.

Students that complete the course and present their business plan or new product idea will earn a Best Practices for Regenerative Entrepreneurs & Educators certificate of completion. 

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Regenerative Entrepreneurs & Experts - $100 OFF

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