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The Permaculture Student 2 - the eBook

Matt Powers
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“Whether you are new to permaculture or well-steeped in its principles, The Permaculture Student 2 condenses a wealth of information into an easily digestible and thoroughly engaging format that is sure to give any reader new points of reference and insight. I highly recommend it.”

— Peter McCoy, Radical Mycology

- The Permaculture Student 2 -

Why is it better than what’s available?

- New Research & Collaboration -

Up-to-date - the last time a book covered anything close to this breadth was 1989 (Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual) & the advancements in science have been incredible in the last 28 years - this book reflects those new insights, research, and examples

Over 20 expert reviewers and editors: Dr. Elaine Ingham, Darren Doherty, Peter McCoy, Joel Salatin, John D. Liu, Dr. Willie Smits, Geoff Lawton, Larry Korn, & more

Fully annotated with references to guide and direct further studies

The Permaculture Student 2 covers more material than other books and part: Soil in-depth with Dr. Elaine Ingham, Fungi cultivation and partnerships, Keyline Design, Transportation, Urban Permaculture, Large-Scale Land & Ocean Restoration, Non-Violent Communication, Holacracy, Carbon Sequestration, & much, much more

Written by an experienced professional educator, gardening expert, and curriculum expert

Written for a High School Setting - Easy to Understand & Read

Aligns & transcends state and national science standards as a full-year science elective in both a high school and college setting

Holistic yet Iterative- Understand Permaculture like never before: retain information in an organized format designed for better retention

Unifying all regenerative practices into one organized system

Designed to change the world by teaching young adults permaculture while still in high school and college, The Permaculture Student 2, is a book for everyone - for a brighter future for all.

This book is full of photographs of real-life examples, instructive diagrams, engaging illustrations, inspiring and instructive quotes, and current references that connect, organize, and highlight the current leading examples of applied permaculture in numerous fields and situations. Readers get a clear idea of how they can apply permaculture in their own way in their own lives.

“With the 'Permaculture Student' Matt Powers has completed a great service to the younger minds of the planet — others too, especially those new to land management, will find this piece very instructive, useful, easy to read and navigate.”

— Darren J. Doherty,

This book is designed for both hemispheres, both imperial and metric, all climates, and all peoples. It is for a regenerative, abundant, and hopeful future.

“This book will help people who struggle with how to connect the different aspects of ecosystems into a logical whole. The framework presented in this book helps to line-up those facts and hang them side-by-side where they belong on the framework so that you can build, “fix", and be a part of ecosystems that function correctly, with little need for human intervention.”

— Dr. Elaine Ingham, Phd. SoilFoodWeb Inc.

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The Permaculture Student 2 - the eBook

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