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The Advanced Permaculture Student Online EXCLUSIVE $750 DISCOUNT + BONUS COURSE!!

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Join the Advanced Permaculture Student Online

with an INCREDIBLE & Exclusive 50% DISCOUNT + BONUS COURSE!!

From Current Students:

“It is my opinion that it is the BEST PERMACULTURE COURSE IN THE WORLD” 

-James Webb

“Matt Powers - you are the true reflection of what permaculture means with caring for people not just the paperwork. THIS IS MY DESTINY and I knew as soon as I signed up that this was the course, that it would change my life.” - Beth Healy

“The PDC from a few years ago truly changed my way of looking at everything. Your course has up-scaled the learning to REACH DEEPER into the way I view the interior and exterior worlds…MICRO TO MACRO.” -Jennifer Brennan

“This course is World Class! I love the info. I own a company and work 70 hours a week. This is the BEST COURSE I HAVE EVER TAKEN on this subject. Matt Powers ROCKS!!!” 

-Mike Garcia

“I appreciate your TREMENDOUS, INSPIRING WORK and this exciting learning experience so much.” - Yoko Fujimoto

An Official Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) 

+ an Advanced Project-Based PDC 

With over 180 hours of video training, this course is much larger than a typical 72 hr PDC and covers more breadth and depth than any other program available with over 70 guest teachers led by the host and author, Matt Powers. Earn your Permaculture Design Certification (PDC) and then make it REAL!! Get the real-time feedback you need to be successful.

It’s Self-Paced

You can move as fast as you like and complete the course and certification requirements at any time - you do not have to wait for other classmates. You can ask any questions anytime in the course or group as well. This is designed to help you achieve your goals at your rate.

It’s Also a LIVE Course - WEEKLY LIVE Q&A Starting Nov 16th

Many of us need a team, a group of folks who are striving with us towards the same goal. We can get feedback, support, and community in a LIVE course especially when it’s student-centered and project-based which requires a lot of interaction, discussion, and reflection. The final results though are incomparable: you will actually create your idea and get the feedback you need to be an advanced designer and teacher, not just a paper-PDC teacher or theory consultant, AND You Can Retake The LIVE Course EVERY YEAR!!!

That’s right - you are included in every season of our 40-week LIVE course EVERY YEAR!

It’s Lifetime access

This includes the online community, the course videos, ebooks, & pdfs, the LIVE Q&A webinars, & the annual LIVE course.

You also can earn your certifications at any point - even if you take several sessions to complete it (and we can help you - that’s why we are here!!)

Not Just Gardening

Though we go DEEP into all aspects of gardening to give you a fluency in advanced gardening science and technique, this course covers both depth and breadth. This course covers all climates, arid to cold temperate, and contexts, urban to rural, and includes Mycology, Natural Building, Aquaculture, Social Permaculture, Ocean Farming, Regenerative Agriculture, Holistic Management, Keyline Design, Agroforestry, Rewilding, KNF, Natural Farming, Regenerative Entrepreneurship, Large-Scale Land Restoration, and More!! This is a course on how to live regeneratively on earth so we cover EVERYTHING!! If you were looking to update your understanding of our world, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for.

Includes Access to the Exclusive Private Community - ALL NEW!!

Like, Share Pictures & Videos, Comment, & Build a unique Profile on the new Circle platform for members of our course only - it's private and personalized!!


The First Advanced Permaculture Course based on PEER-REVIEWED curriculum, hosted by the author and organizer, Matt Powers. The Advanced Permaculture Student Online is a collection of regenerative solutions & pathways for high schoolers, college students, and adults looking to start on careers that are meaningful, regenerative, profitable, proven, and valuable to their local communities. This is a 20-week video-based course with over 70 expert instructors from around the world who have greened deserts, grown tons of soil per acre per year, made professional-level mycology accessible to the home cultivator or startup mushroom farm, trained professional landscapers in permaculture, redefined soil science and composting as we know it, converted organic orchards to permaculture, witnessed the restoration of the ancient Molokai fish ponds, made impossible seed and plant adaptations possible, and much more. This course takes permaculture into the advanced fields of mycology, large-scale land restoration, market gardening, natural farming, alternative energy, social permaculture, ocean restoration, city planning, aquaculture, vermiculture, and more.

"I’d have to say that my understanding of the earth and permaculture in general has expanded to universal portions. As well as my beliefs in my ability to make a positive change. Before this coursework, I thought I might change my small homesite into a buffering area for the changing climate to make things easier personally. Now , aside from modeling a change for others, I think that even my site could make a measurable difference in the local climate, both environmental and social, and possibly global." - Dave M., current student

NO PREREQUISITES - Anyone Can Join Us!

Covers the Standard PDC Information but Updated, Corrected, & SO MUCH MORE!!

This course is primarily taught by the author and educator of the Permaculture Student series, Matt Powers, but it also includes over 70 different expert guest teachers:

  • Dr. Elaine Ingham of Soil Food Web Inc
  • John D. Liu of Ecosystem Restoration Camps
  • Peter McCoy of Radical Mycology and Mycologos School of Mycology
  • Dr. Jeanne Wallace of Nutritional Solutions
  • Eddy Garcia of Living Earth Systems
  • Erik Ohlsen of The Permaculture Skills Center and Permaculture Artisans
  • Hilary Kearney of Girl Next Door Honey
  • Neal Spackman of Sustainable Design Masterclass
  • Brock Dolman of The Occidental Arts & Ecology Center
  • Stefan Sobkowiak of Miracle Farms and the Permaculture Orchard
  • Jonathan Pineault of Quatre-Temps Ferme
  • Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms
  • Darren Doherty of
  • Joy Beckerman of Hemp Ace International
  • Michael Wittman of Blue Sky Biochar
  • Todd Salemi of Organics Alive
  • Danial Lawton of Permaculture Tools
  • Cuauhtemoc Villa of Sonoma Biochar Initiative
  • Bret Glassett of High Sierra Permaculture
  • Mark Lakeman of CityRepair and Building Resilient Communities
  • Daniel Halsey of PRI USA and United Designers
  • & Many More!!

Plus Amazing Books & The Audiobook!!

  • The Permaculture Student 2 Textbook & Workbook Ebook Set + the Audiobook ($160 Value)
  • 7 Steps to Success: Finding Land for the Permaculture Homestead & Farm of Your Dreams Ebook by Bret Glassett
  • Thallasso Therapy Ebook by Antoinette Marquez
  • The Regenerative Career Guide Ebook
  • The Permaculture Mastery Checklist

Course SignUp Includes:


  • Introduction to Regenerative Soil with Matt Powers ($99 Value)

This generous discount is made possible through the affiliate relationship we have with Matt Powers & this course. Your support of this program is support of our own: THANK YOU!! - AND, if you have any questions, you can always write me at to verify that this is a legitimate offer.

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The Advanced Permaculture Student Online EXCLUSIVE $750 DISCOUNT + BONUS COURSE!!

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